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Data Recovery
We are specialists in data recovery. Trust your data to our professionals.

Choosing a data recovery company is possibly the most important decision you will make when you have lost data. Whatever the reasons: virus attack, accidental format, damaged hard disk, accidentally deleted files, sabotage, fire, flood, mechanical damage, blocked system, partitioning, damage on the surface of the platters caused by a power surge... It is very important never to leave disk & data recovery in unqualified engineering hands, as recovering lost data requires years of experience, leading edge recovery equipment and, above all, a deep understanding of the problem and therefore the solution. Ondata International provides a professional data recovery service.

We offer a free diagnostic analysis service to ascertain what is wrong with your hard drive or other storage media within a couple of days. Diagnosing the problem involves a team approach bringing together the multi-faceted talents of our various engineers, who can apply their experience and knowledge to solve the problem of your hard disk recovery. We advise clients not to trust amateurs who could use the information on your disk and who will not guarantee the confidentiality of your stored information.

Our laboratories have a permanent stock approaching 100,000 components belonging to most of the hard drives existing today, and a large number of hard drive components no longer on the market. We have a tracking service that you can access to check the progress of your device in the recovery process.

The recovery of stored data can be done from any type of storage device or operating system. Our R&D department can recover data from most operating systems, including unusual or obsolete systems. Here is a list of most of the operating systems, together with storage media that we are working with every day in the recovery of computer data.

STORAGE DEVICES: Hard disks, Optical drives, Floppy disks, RAID Systems, DAT Tapes, Zip disks, JAZ disks, SYQUEST drives, DVD, CD-ROM, Pen drive, DAT 4mm / 8mm, Bernoulli 1/4" drives, Smart Media, Secure Digital, Flash Memory, Compact Flash, Micro Drive, Memory stick

OPERATING SYSTEMS: MS-DOS, Windows 3.11, Windows 95, Windows 98, Windows ME, Windows XP, Windows NT Server, Windows 2000 Server, RAID System Server, Novell Netware, UNIX - XENIX, LINUX RS 6000, AS400, IBM DEC Systems, PICK Systems, 36 Systems, MACINTOSH

Our engineers are highly qualified in computer forensics.
Entrust your data to us: nobody will try harder to recover your damaged files or disks.

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Our engineers are specialized in data recovery after years of experience in the field of file recovery.
Trust us your data: nobody will do more to recover your lost files or damaged hard drive.