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Data Recovery

Data recovery : Useful advice in case of data loss

  • * WARNING In the event of data loss, you need a professional team to recover your data. Follow these important steps:
  • * POWER DOWN YOUR EQUIPMENT. Any attempt to resolve the situation by rebooting or turning your PC on or off invariably compounds the problem, and can make it that much more difficult to recover the data.
  • * DO NOT USE HOMEMADE TOOLS. Reinstalling any operating system could mean rewriting over your hard drive and could make the situation of your damaged data much worse.
  • * NEVER OPEN THE HARD DISK. Any storage medium should only be opened using advanced technology, in a special “Clean room” approved by the storage manufacturer, and used by qualified engineers: only a specialised company like Ondata can offer you this service.
  • * If you are going to use SOFTWARE for data recovery, make sure that it is VALID for your problem, as retail software is not always effective. Use of such software has its uses in simple recovery cases, but in certain circumstances can result in further damage to your drive. A quick phone call to 0207 903 5180 will establish the suitability of your software.
  • * A SPECIALISED data recovery company such as Ondata International can offer you services with the best recovery guarantees. Do not put your vital recovery needs in the hands of people who sell only on price and do not have the depth and engineering skill set to do the job professionally. You will save time and money by contacting Ondata International.
  • * YOUR LOCAL ONDATA FACILITY IS CLOSER THAN YOU THINK! Ondata Laboratories, with offices throughout Europe, can guarantee a rapid turnaround of your failed drive. Just phone 0 207 903 5180 for you nearest collection point and for all your data recovery needs.





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