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From individual clients to world renowned multinationals, they all trust Ondata International for their data recovery needs. By choosing Ondata International rest assured you are in very safe hands.

We are all surrounded by digital technology, TV, cameras, mobile handsets and of course computers from desktops through laptops to PDA’s. The one common feature of all computers is their ability to store and retrieve data. It was to address this most vulnerable aspect of the digital revolution that Ondata International was originally conceived.

Unlike many companies in our field, Ondata’s primary objective is to recover lost or corrupted data in all its forms across the whole spectrum of data storage. We are totally focused in our pursuit of this goal, recovering your data!

We understand that retrieving critical data for our clients is one of the most important services we offer, the cost to companies can have a profound effect on the day to day running of a business, as well as having a major impact on the personal life of individuals who can not access their data.

The storage technology continues to evolve, with larger and larger hard drives and memory cards for data file storage being used by everybody, with little or no backup technology in place, in case the technology lets them down. At Ondata International we are always one step ahead of the technology that appears in the market, and can recover your data from most of the hardware and software available worldwide today.

We all take for granted the technology within the computer we use, especially the hard drive, which unlike most other components in the computer is an electro-mechanical device with many high speed moving parts, under constant stress.

Like all electro-mechanical devices (e.g. car gearbox) they are prone to random failure due to fatigue as well as corrupt software. Failure will almost occur at the most critical period for you the user and with no backup in place, your historical data becomes a very valuable and time critical commodity.

This is where Ondata International with its industry leading cutting edge technology comes into play. Along with an array of sophisticated engineering tools and a dedicated team of recovery engineers, we apply all this to ensure that your data is recovered and you are up and running with the minimum of inconvenience and cost.

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Our engineers are specialized in data recovery after years of experience in the field of file recovery.
Trust us your data: nobody will do more to recover your lost files or damaged hard drive.