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Data Recovery

Forensic Computer Analysis

The most important aspect of forensic analysis is to “Preserve the original data” to interrogate the data base without manipulating or violating the original content, to secure and provide a valuable and verifiable evidence, by way of proving a trail of evidence on a specific value or topic, which will stand up in any legal proceedings and before a court of justice or arbitration service.

Ondata International has over many years developed such equipment which is used daily by both prosecution and defence firms to establish the facts. These facts are then presented in a logical and understandable manner to wider audience who may or maynot have a grasp of computers and information technology.

Many people are under the illusion that by deleting files and folders that they have escaped the audit trail, this is not so. By the very nature of how data is laid down onto hard drives, there is always a trail left behind, which in the majority of cases can be retrieved by Ondata’s very special software.

1. VOOM model SHADOW 2
VOOM shadow2

Ondata’s “Shadow 2” hardware is purposely developed for any person to use, by following the simple instructions. It has proved an invaluable tool by many within the law enforcement agencies in many Countries.

Main Features:

  • The non evasive programme will run and alert the user to chosen events without altering the original content.
  • Allows the user to install proprietary tools without altering the original content.
  • Allows you to update (via internet) the software as and when updates and improvements are made.

With our forensic analysis product Voom 1 you are able to make a paper hardcopy as evidence of the audit trail:
VOOM hardcopy II A

  • Copying discs can be done at a speed of 5.5 G.B’s per second.
  • MD5 allowed in the whole image.
  • Ondata software allows any image to be accessed in protected areas on the hard drive.
  • Ondata software can capture ISO images (also called flat copies) with our powerful software ENCASE.
  • Screen LCD for control of mistakes or processes.
  • Our software cannot support SCSI hard drives at present.
  • With suitable adaptors you cab access IDE/ATE, SATA 2.5 inch (found in laptops) and any memory devices.
  • Can work with discs of up to 2 TB of capacity.
  • The software has the ability to work on hard drives up to 2 T.B’s in size, a hard drives can be erased using a special algorithm.


With our product DRIVEWIPER, you now have a secure and quick way to erase your data, for good, you are given options regarding the depth of erasure you wish to achieve, Commercial, or Military levels of sophistication, most erasures need only the commercial level algorithm. 

VOOM drivewiperMain Features:

  • Can erase a hard drive up to 5.5 G.B’s per second.
  • Can erase 2 hard drives simultaneously up to 8 G.B’s per minute as a whole.
  • Works with discs ATA or SATA
  • Unblocks and allows access to protected area’s on the hard drive.
  • Choice of algorithms, dependant on user choice for speed erasure.
  • User interface has 3 buttons to specify options.

4. Clonadora UME-36 UFED

Allows for the transfer of a mobile phone contents to another mobile phone.

clonadoraMain Features:

  • Transfers, protects, and restores the contents of mobile phones
  • Works with the principal marks.
  • Supports the privacy of the information of the user.
  • Update the software via Internet access to our web site.
  • Our software supports Mobile telephones, Symbian, Microsoft mobile, Palm as well as Blackberry handsets.
  • Very easy to use, intuitive.

Our engineers are highly qualified in computer forensics.
Entrust your data to us: nobody will try harder to recover your damaged files or disks.

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Our engineers are specialized in data recovery after years of experience in the field of file recovery.
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