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Data Recovery


You have accessed this website because you have a problem with your storage device and cannot access the data.

We offer peace of mind solutions to your Data Recovery problem in a step-by-step approach.

Ondata International is totally dedicated to helping you get back your Lost Data, provide a File Recovery service, through hard disk recovery professional laboratory services, quickly and cost effectively. We have one of the industry's highest data recovery success rates, and many thousands of satisfied clients throughout the world.

Ondata International has vast experience in all forms of Hard Drive Repair, Hard drive recovery, from all storage devices and all operating systems.
Our software and hardware engineering teams have accumulated extensive knowledge using the very latest leading edge hardware and software diagnostic analysis tools available in the World, to apply to your problem.

Data Recovery, Hard Disk Recovery, all forms of Lost Data, requires a considerable depth of knowledge to overcome the most challenging situations and give peace of mind to the client.

Many of our clients come back to us time and time again, because they appreciate our ability to recover their lost data in very difficult circumstances, at the right time and at the right price.

We offer a free diagnostic analysis to determine the problem, generate a technical solution, and firm price. We are so confident in our technical ability, that we guarantee getting back your most important data.

We never proceed with any file recovery, data recovery, hard drive repair service until you are happy with both the service and price, so you can with confidence place your hard drive repair, data recovery, needs in our hands and never feel under pressure that you are committing to a service which requires payment before we have recovered your lost data.

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Our engineers are specialized in data recovery after years of experience in the field of file recovery.
Trust us your data: nobody will do more to recover your lost files or damaged hard drive.