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Ondata, by choice

Ondata International is totally dedicated to the recovery of data files which are not accessible by traditional means.

To achieve this requires a team of highly skilled engineers, whose total focus is on data recovery; they are equipped with leading edge laboratory facilities as well as state of the art hardware and software tools.

Our percentage of successful data recoveries far exceeds the industry average; this is put down to our wealth of knowledge and accumulated experience within our engineering staff.


Our depth and breadth of knowledge covers most systems that currently operate in the world, as well as old and obsolete systems which remain in service.

We also have considerable experience recovering data from other storage devices such as tapes, RAID systems, etc. We have also developed technology which can recover data from memory cards in cameras, mobile phones, PDA’s etc.


We have an ongoing high level of investment in our laboratory to ensure we are always one step ahead of emerging technologies as they come to market.

Our engineers are classified as Best in Class within our industry, this is demonstrated by the fact that most of the major blue chip multinationals trust their lost data needs to our team. We also work very closely with government law enforcement officers in forensic analysis of critical criminal cases, which require the highest level of security and technology sophistication.

We have an ongoing commitment to bring into the company highly talented engineers to compliment our existing experienced engineering team, this ensures future continuity and quality of service levels for our clients.

Global Service

Our services are available throughout the world, either directly with us or via your local Ondata International office, please go to our main home page for more information.

European Service

Ondata International has its roots in Spain (Madrid), and from this successful base has branched out within Europe into the United Kingdom, Portugal, Italy, France and Germany.

We are committed to rolling out our service in all the major European countries in the near future.


We pride ourselves in meeting the technological challenges with an array of engineering talent as well as with the very best equipment. This culminates in being able to offer our clients service levels which are second to none.

We operate to the highest ethical commercial standards expected by our clients, and conform to all international data protection laws, to safeguard client’s confidential information.

Management and Staff

All our staff come highly qualified and undergo rigorous internal training in the complex field of data recovery. The management has installed various computer tools to ensure that performance is measured on a step by step process; this ensures that we can track the passage of a specific task from start to finish within our organisation.

All staff are encouraged to participate in the working of the company on a day to day level, with suggestions and recommendations to improve efficiency and improve customer care.

The company has a policy to “promote from within” this ensures continuity and rewards those staff members who excel in their particular field.

Commitment and Guarantee

You should be in no doubt of our resolve to give our clients 100% in terms of commitment to meeting your requirements.

Our dedicated team will apply themselves tirelessly to achieve a successful outcome for our clients. We will apply every technology and internal home resource to achieve this commitment to our customers.

The only guarantee we can give on our company's ability is based on historical and ongoing evidence provided by our list of clients, with such household names as KODAK, TOYOTA, SIEMENS, NORTEL, ACCENTURE, FUJITSU, MOTOROLA to name but a few out of many thousands.


Ondata International, with offices in Spain, Portugal, UK, France, Germany, and represented in South America, continue to expand into new markets around the world.

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Our engineers are specialized in data recovery after years of experience in the field of file recovery.
Trust us your data: nobody will do more to recover your lost files or damaged hard drive.