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Data Recovery

History of the organisation

For over 10 years we have been recovering data from computer systems, and have accumulated valuable technical experience in all types of software and hardware.

We have accumulated a considerable amount of data storage related spare parts to support our technical teams. For the client this ensures that hard to find spares for old storage products are available and therefore the chance of a recovery is improved considerably. 

In 2001 the decision was taken to invest in Clean Room technology, this enclosed environment is necessary to ensure that hard drives can be opened and repaired, without fear of contamination through air pollutants.

Our clean rooms meet the international world standard, this enables us to guarantee both to ourselves and our clients that we have the in-house technology to undertake the most complex of hardware recovery cases.

In 2002 the expansion of the company was undertaken where we set up an extension of our national Spanish service into the Italian and Portuguese markets, this was followed in 2003 by moving into the U.K. and Sweden.

In 2004 we moved in France, followed in 2006 by moving into South America.

We continue to explore other markets around the world, where we have the potential to bring our professional recovery services into areas where our levels of service do not exist.


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Our engineers are specialized in data recovery after years of experience in the field of file recovery.
Trust us your data: nobody will do more to recover your lost files or damaged hard drive.